362 to Ybbs 17.7.2019

This night, i was not feeling cold like often in the tent. I was prepared for that but didn’t need anything additional. But I had muscle cramps, the first time since long and for many hours I needed to control my movements to avoid the and this is easier if you don’t sleep too tight. There was no need for an extra early start for today’s 72km, but I finished this uncomfortable night early

and was on the road before 7:00 and arrived in Ybbs at 11:30. I was going fast, partly just because it was flat, partly to do some training. Not to be prepared for a big cycling trip, I think this could have been the first and last one! I am very glad that I did it and about all those great experiences and my good luck but still I am no big traveller and I have new ideas in my mind.

The hotel Ybbshof now is named AsiaWok and the room reminded me on some South East Asian rooms I had been staying in, a little bit dirty , a little bit ruined by time and by careless travellers and lack of proper maintenance. The owner spoke Austrian dialect with Chinese accent and when I looked out of the window the Danube was flowing directly in my view, both compensate for the before mentioned handicaps.
In the afternoon, Alfred, the uncle of Marvin and Doron, came down from the Waldviertel-district to meet me. We talked and ate for two hours and would have continued, but he has to leave very early in the next morning, so we postponed talking to another meeting.

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