361 to Ausee near Enns 16.7.2019

The hotel was more a house for boarding school students but near to empty at that time of the year. When I took breakfast at 6:45, there was only one guy from Spain and he told me that he and 9 others from different countries were there as trainees for five weeks. Later I saw more of them, some apparently staying in other places.

I was on the street before 8:00 and the first 40km were pleasant, along the river Inn, but then my route went uphill towards Ried and crossing the Hausruck mountains, so the middle part was again exhausting like the first part yesterday and then came the highlight, the cycle path along Traun. It was flat again and most of the time the wind helped me. I could not reach the Danube, because of construction work there was a big detour but at least I reached the camping ground and still earlier as expected even without detour. I had an early dinner or very late lunch, in any case I ate a lot and enjoyed the reflections of the sun in the Ausee.

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