360 to Braunau 15.7.2019

I left Doro not much after 8:00, because both of us had a hard day ahead of us. Soon after Munich, strong wind from the east slowed me down and weakened me. Then the windy parts changed with hills and the combination was exhausting but after 75km it became better, nearly no height meter and less wind. But at that time I would gradually become tired anyway…
Slowly it became more and more obvious that I was getting near to Austria, not only street signs but for example the form of farm houses was familiar for me, I am not sure if quatrangle farm is a good translation, but something like that.
Then I crossed the river Inn for the decisive last time of that day, because it was the border to Austria, when I crossed the bridge I came to Braunau as my first Austrian ground since 22nd of July 2018. I had planned the route so, that I would pass that house where Adolf Hitler was born and where Nazis came to celebrate one of the biggest criminals of history. The old Nazis now are dead enough to stop it and maybe the Neo-Nazis don’t do it every day, in any case I saw no Nazis and don’t know which house was the “right” one and I am a bit glad that I came there without seeing it. Then I went to the hotel that I had seen and chosen yesterday but not booked. This was a mistake, because today they had been fully booked before I arrived. I found something else and there I planned the stays for the next days.
I want to do camping tomorrow, then I booked a hotel in Ybbs where I want to meet Alfred and originally, I wanted to go home the last 145km on Thursday, but Doron and Marvin cannot come on that day, so I have a good excuse to make that tour in two parts and will do camping in Krems as my last stop before reaching home!

now all photos in one, I am too tired to sort them!

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