359 to Munich 14.7.2019

At the inn, we had another big breakfast and started our tour in sunlight. We both could feel that we had done a lot of km in the last days, but today it was easier for me to follow Madeleine most of the time. In a small village, I saw my first “Maibaum” and later, we were blocked again by a cycling race, to be more exact a triathlon were they had finished the swimming part (500m), most of the people now were cycling 20km but the first group changed to running at that time. So, the area was blocked, and we had to do a detour.

In another small village I took the photo of the billboard with two young guys kissing and hugging.

The message was about taking condoms and it was the first advertisement like this I saw so far, that showed two guys in such a way, in now this was here in conservative Christian Bavaria, in a village. I am grateful about such progress in society, maybe sexual orientation will not be a big deal in a few years. Somewhere between Augsburg and Munich, we again came to a place where Anton and I had been on our way from Brühl to Munich, a big wheel standing in a field and of course we tried to find a way to set that wheel into scene.

Madeleine saw the first sign to an Austrian town, Salzburg. And then we came near to Munich and to make the joy of finishing the tour even bigger, it started raining. We didn’t stop to take our rain covers and it was a bit fresh, but when we reached Madeleine’s hotel, the rain had stopped again, and we could warm up. We changed cloths and went to a Japanese restaurant that my cousin Doro had recommended. Then we took a last selfie before Madeleine took the metro to go to downtown and I went to Doro.

My plan was to go to Braunau, Linz, Ybbs and Vienna in 4 days and Madeleine also wanted to go to Vienna, but via Salzburg and St Gilden, staying with friends for 1-2 days, so our common tour was finished now.

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