358 to Röfingen near Günzburg 13.7.2019

We had another great breakfast, which is a matter of good balance at the edge of much but not too much, it should be possible to ride a bike afterwards.
We had some rain in the morning, not the heavy one, but still making the rain covers necessary.

In Göppingen, the city of Märklin, the rain was over. In Eislingen, we saw a group of musicians and dancer from Latin America entertaining the locals and teaching them their dances. I remembered some parts from my trip with Anton, the constructor of the Bambuk tandem, from Bühl to Munich. (At that time, I wanted to make this big trip to Asia and Australia with that tandem but soon realized that it is impossible. Now, near to the end of the trip I know how right I was). One street sign I remembered was from the village “Kuchen” (=cake), btw near “Süßen” (= sweeten).

We came to Amstetten, a small town here in Germany but with a “sister” with the same name in Austria. People guided us to a festivity where we sat down to eat something, hearing dreadful German Schlagermusik and seeing the opening of a beer barrel by the mayor. The next mark showing our progress to Austria was the name of the cycle route, “Donau Radweg”, which is exactly the same as the big route a long the Danube in Austria. And then we crossed the original river Danube at the village Leipheim!

The rest of the tour was not too hard, in fact it would have been easy, but it was the rest of the tour and that means 90km before the last 25km. But we finished everything bravely and successfully landed in our inn.

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