357 to Stuttgart 12.7.2019

When we wanted to leave the train station hotel after a nice breakfast, it rained or still rained or rained again. But when we were ready to go, the rain stopped and for many hours it was better than yesterday

The way was again through woods and meadows and again nice. Sometimes we had longer (not: long) climbs and these were situations where I was not in a hurry to catch up with Madeleine, but climbing is not recreation, too. But sometimes, we could go side by side when the cycle path was wide enough and empty. Then we talked a bit and the tempo was moderate.

The last way to Stuttgart seemed infinite. When I looked at Mr.G, he said something like 82km and when I looked again “much later” it was only 86km, as if we wouldn’t move. But finally, we reached Stuttgart and I bought something for dinner in a supermarket (Madeleine wanted to eat dinner in a restaurant, and I wanted to safe time by eating during working on my PC), when heavy rain started. So, we waited for a while before going the last 15km to the hotel.

We were later because of the harder ride and the waiting time, so it again became late until we could fall in our beds and again, I had not finished writing. But I still wake up before 6, so I can complete me diary in the mornings.

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