356 Rohrbach near Landau 11.7.2019

We started our 2nd part of the trip with a little rain that in the next hours accompanied us, sometimes becoming heavier sometimes pausing a bit. In late noon, we made a stop at a supermarket and eating a kind of lunch. The rain got less and less, and we slowly warmed up on the next kilometres.

The way was more in forests today but still mostly flat or only smaller hills. At a pond, Madeleine saw something moving around and we tried to catch a look and a photo of that animal but soon were surprised when not only one, but four muskrats came to us. They were not at all shy and obviously hoping for or begging or even demanding food.

The last part of cycling was through vineyards, the sun was shining, and everything was nice, except that we were tired.

So, we were happy when we finally reached the old train station that was our hotel and restaurant for today. They had a set Vegetarian menu focused on potatoes because this was the topic of a kind of competition between different restaurants in the region. Partly it was just ok, partly great but in any case, it was a nice idea and looked nice. We needed to plan our tour to and our stay in Munich. I would stay with my cousin and before meet friends of Arash (see the Shiraz days, 080-086) and Madeleine would stay with old friends or in a hotel. We didn’t finish planning completely and I couldn’t write my blog, because at 23:00, we were too tired to continue.

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