355 to Saarbrücken 10.7.2019

It should be an easy tour, mostly along rivers, no hills or mountains and Madeleine knew the tour, so there was no logic reason to be nervous, but I started waking up at 4a.m. and then every half hour until I gave up at 6:30.

In the end, we left at 9:40 and from beginning to the end Madeleine was always a bit faster then I would have gone on my own. You can partly explain this by my luggage or by her great bike but in the end, it is also because she just can go fast. We had many detours because of construction works but this was only hard for Mr.G, who many times complained that we were off his route.
We made a small detour on purpose to Saarburg with a very nice little river and a little watermill.

We also made a bigger detour on purpose, because we followed the meanders of the river Saar, so the tour was 115km instead of 100 and also Madeleine was tired in the end – my chance for a slower tour tomorrow?

We had a nice apartment with kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living room etc for less money than my last tiny room with toilet outside in Aywaille, talked for a while about Uganda, tried to plan the tour of the next day but gave up, because we were too tired.

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