190 in Zhuhai 2 – Opera

Later in the morning, Constanze again took a city bike and we went to the island with Concert hall and opera building. She told me about the complicated situation of one company responsible for the whole area, one for the building and one for program. Because of political directives, patriotic Chinese music is preferred, not Western or supposedly Westernized music and even Latin as the language of Western church music is forbidden. So, only one opera, Madama Butterfly, had been performed and Andrew, who also rehearses and weekly performs at the opera, had to radically transform the repertoire for fitting to those “specifications”.

We had lunch in a nearby restaurant and then, Constanze went to the choir center to finish some work and I first went home to get my PC and then went there, too. On my PC, I have two VPNs but both were not able to establish an internet connection. One of them at least could connect the translator and to my blog.
When I compare the situation to Iran, I have to say that the regime in Iran at least pretends to have a religious agenda and oppresses and restricts people in the name of god. But China in fact has nothing, just a regime with restrictions, oppression – and nationalism.

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