188 to Zhuhai 24.1.2019

if the male car drivers below 30 would not buy Didi’s syrup,
he would not be billionaire and the environment a bit cleaner

Only in the morning, I realized that Frances, the couchsurfer in Jiangmen, had sent me another photo with the location of the restaurant for meeting, so it was good that I was awake early to integrate that in the plannings, because it was ~45km to the meeting point and I wanted to arrive a bit earlier than our set time, 11:45, to find the place.
But also with the additional information, it was not possible to create an exact route there.

After leaving the hotel, I took breakfast at a restaurant where I had eaten the day before, too, and they, mother and son, were waiting for me, even photographing me. Normally, I forget, or I am too shy to take a picture of people that I don’t know, but I want to establish the rule that if they take a picture of me, I do the same, but again I forgot, although my camera was near.
The route to Jiangmen again mainly lead me through villages and I am not sure if I found more traces of religious worship in this area or if it is only a matter of coming spring-festival.

I arrived at the given and actualized location of the restaurant and – of course – there was none. I asked people for directions, but – of course – they didn’t know or didn’t understand. I had 20min left to find the place. Now, I saw new messages from Frances, including photos. But I couldn’t open them. I had to reboot my phone and then it worked. 15min left. The photos showed some details to the restaurant and the decisive hint, a bridge that I had see on my way. I had to go back to a traffic light and compare reality to the photo and gave it a try. 10min left. And now, the photos solved the problems that without would nearly be indissoluble, because I only saw Chinese signs here and there, but now, I could compare with the photos and came nearer and nearer to a hidden place. On time ?

Frances came with Sophie, her daughter and we had a great lunch, again with some never before tasted flavours.

We talked about travelling and I showed some photos that I also had used in my blog. I will insert them here with the new information, maybe it is interesting or funny to compare my former ideas with that.

At 2p.m., I realized that I should go, because another 90km had to be done. We took some pictures

and said good bye, then Frances showed me the way to a new built road and bridge.

…and on this new bridge, for the first time in China I also saw small money lying around, like in Vietnam

So, I could avoid a detour of some kilometers, but still in was +130km in the end.
I don’t want to say that 90km is nothing, but it was a different feeling after a long lunch break, and mainly some huge bridges made for climbs, so it way not too hard.
So far, in China I had seen sugar cane only sold as a whole stick, but there was a short passage, maybe less than a kilometer, where many farmers sold their sugar cane and some had a machine for making juice, something I hadn’t seen after leaving Vietnam (and also there mostly South of Hué).

Also, only in one, but in this case bigger area, I saw very flat foil tents. Then, I discovered that they roof over ponds, apparently for fish or shrimp production.

Around that time, the sun was slowly sinking.

the sun doesnt care about where to sink…
photo shopping doesn’t change much 😉

I had connected my phone to the USB from my dynamo to charge full, before I need the light (the charger doesn’t work at the same time with light). But the battery was not charged, it was nearly empty!
Something had gone wrong…
I turned the phone off to get more battery before it is dark and saw that it charged and stopped charging every minute or so.
At 8pm, I arrived in Zhuhai, Mr.G said that I had reached my destination and – of course – there was not Constanze’s home and I had 1% battery and couldn’t do anything except going through a list of plans B. Mr.G had brought me directly in front of a petrol station so this was my first option to go there, buy some food and ask if I can charge my phone. I could but the phone apparently could not. The battery still was at 1% after 40min but at least Connie and I could communicate and find a spot to meet. I had not just been waiting at the gas station, I had been going around with my bike, so I knew that place and we could “risk” to meet there without having the chance to get in contact and it worked well. It was necessary to meet anyway, because she is living in a gated community and I wouldn’t have been able to go to her apartment.
Later that evening, near to 22:30, we went to a tailor where Constanze had some clothes for changing the size. I wonder if I ever will get used to those weird opening hours in maybe the most countries in the world except middle and Northern Europe….

“Can you please, tell me the way to Sanjiangjiaotongyunshuguanlisuo?”
“To where?”

No, i didnt ask for the way to Sanjiangjiaotongyunshuguanlisuo, I went to 珠海

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