163 to Tam Thang 30.12.18

later this day, there should have been the balance of 860km in both directions

The day started less rainy as yesterday, but cooler, so I put on my jacket several times when it rained. Only the last rain before arriving was so heavy that is was again completely wet and due to the heavy wind, felt cold. I wonder when my clothes will be dry again…
Besides rain and wind?
I met a cycling couple from Germany, going down to HCMC. And an hour later, I went to a bakery and the seller could speak English quite well and told me that they had been there before me ?

i asked her if she works there only on Sunday, because of school. She told me she is 24….

Today, I had many friendly encounters, many friendly helloes and more from kids than so far in Vietnam.
I ate a similar soup two times. The second time, the seller wanted to get in contact on facebook. I paid the same price as everybody, 10000d. The first time, I saw someone paying 10000, but I only had a 20000d note. The son of the seller, a  boy of maybe 13-14y, seemed to start giving me back the rest, but his mum said something, and he stopped. I told her that other customers had paid 10000. She again showed 20k, smiled, turned away and continued her work. I don’t like it, but again, it is 40c or 80c, the price is embarrassing low for the load you get. I don’t want to be cheated, but I even less want to become rude or loud or whatever would have been necessary to get back my money from someone who has much less than I.
At Tam Thanh resort I suggested to take dinner instead of the change for my money, if possible. And it was.

vegetables, fried spring-rolls, fish, eggs, pork, pumpkin soup and (not to see, but of course!) rice

So, I sat with the family of the manager, who had cooked a nice meal, and a couple living there. She teaches English in a nearby private school (for good money as she said) and he gives a helping hand at the resort. Both are from Birmingham.
The resort is maybe 50m from the beach and the wind builds up big waves and the heavy noise is the main sound everywhere. The wind is so strong (and the windows so bad) that the curtains in the room dance. And I still or again feel cold.
Tomorrow, I really would like to go the complete 166km to Hue, but with the wind, I fear, the hard tour will be a too hard tour, today, it was 135km and this was hard enough

today, I saw milestones on high heels

…mad photos of those typical entrances to settlements, reminding (me) on ancient times

…and wondered why life for gods is also harder in developing countries…

small boxes with less food and drinks for gods in Vietnam
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