162 to Sa Huynh 29.12.18

in Vietnam, often the (motorcycles over night are parked inside.

It was the earliest start so far, at 5:45, I sat on my bike.
Today it was sometimes raining, sometimes it was heavily raining, sometimes it was drizzling. The wind was sometimes only wind, sometimes storm, sometimes a breeze. Between the different kinds of rain, sometimes were some minutes break and the wind could help drying my clothes, sometimes it was just a change in intensity.
Maybe tomorrow, I will again go without rain-cover, because I didn’t freeze, only sometimes feeling a little bit cold, when the rain was heavy, and the wind was, too. With rain-cover, you  either always put it on and off or you also wear it when it is not raining. I saw so many motorcyclists stopping when the rain re-started, and this is annoying, but if you decide to wear a rain-cover, you should wear it, before you get wet.
Today in one city, two boys (maybe 10-13) on a motorcycle first said hello and smiled and the, with the same smile, showed an obscene gesture and said “f… you!”. Then they drove away. A few hundred meters later, two older boys, 14-16 or so, made the same from the other side of the street. I used the next u-turn to drive to them, but the ran away. And the first two boy came with a third one (who also smoked) and repeated their performance. I know that boys at that age often do silly things, just to prove themselves and they didn’t exactly mean me, but still, it was harder for me to greet back children today. And today I saw many, and many smiled and waved and greeted and I want to be friendly.
For today I had (halfway) decided to camp. Partly, I didn’t really want to, but it would justify carrying a tent with me all the time and it was a kind of challenge. On the map, I had chosen a place at the sea. It should have been 125km. After 111km, I thought I would see the place.

I wanted to make sure where I am, because I knew that today and tomorrow together, I would have 248km, so I didn’t want to finish this tour too early. I found a bridge that would bring me to the chosen beach, but there were 3 or 4 hotels besides that bridge. The hotel-owner of the hotel directly besides the bridge, came to me and suggested to stay. Now I was confused, because it was impossible to say, no, I just want to cross this bridge to do wild camping and to be honest, I was really tired

12,8km/h not because of the elevation or breaks, but because of hte strong wind

(and a bit lazy or so) because of that wind, so I agreed.

Later, I saw that each bridge belongs to a hotel. So, I would have had to find another place anyway. By that, at least, I would have come closer to my next destination, that is now 135km from here.

what you dont see (but I saw): theere were cockfights on TV, the owner watching every 5min another rosster dying in a cruel fight till death
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