161 in Quy Nhon 28.12.18

(no photos and videos available for this day

The day was very rainy and my last chance (?) to swim was done, but I am no big swimmer anyway. I did a lot of PC work, trying to sort the +200 Angkor Wat photos and to prepare the first part of China. Both is now 50% done, because the photos still are too many for the blog and I don’t know, which to skip and China seems to be complicated, because the maps I use (google, komoot, maps-me) all have some problems with China, even before I am there. (There, many sites are blocked, most important in this case, google.) I also read in an online guide about money, SIM-cards, translating etc and downloaded some apps.
With Dimitri, I had lunch, we went with his motorcycle to one of his favourite places. And the we went to a big supermarket where I bought some of those small cakes in different variants and a chocolate that was not the highlight of the day.
In the later afternoon, I made a “results”-workout on the roof-porch of the hotel. I try to make a workout or at least some exercises for the back whenever I have a rest-day.
In the evening I had a walk in the rain trying to find another place Dimitri had recommended. He knows a lot about the city and had been to many different places in Vietnam and he knows much about the people, his language skills are for sure a great advantage for that.

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