160 to Quy Nhon 27.12.18

My host in Tuy Hoa and aplant installation: the young leaves are fixed to the dead wood and start growing there.

Today, the alarm could wake me up. Apparently, I was a bit more relaxed than usual ?
And it was ok to leave later (6:30), because it was only 93km to Quy Nhon.
It was rainy most of the day, but still I didn’t feel cold. It is a matter of few days until this will change, and I will have to protect myself from the rain. But I took only few photos, because I didn’t want to expose my camera to the rain.
The road was partly bad and so there was a lot of roadwork and I found beautiful “men at work”-signs for Michael.

I like this mix of languages 🙂

Today, I again found a store with little cakes, in this case called bánh nướng nhân dừa, filled with some coconut mass and with an imprint on top.
The are not especially taste, just normal, but seem to contain a lot of energy (=fat, sugar).
I ate 3 of them, but it didn’t help today, half an hour later, I felt weak and dizzy. So, I decided to make an extra break to get a soup with vegetables. The soup was a big bowl containing only chard leaves. I took me a while to eat that but, in the end, I felt ok again.
Still, the tour today was exhausting for me. There were lots of hills, but all in all it was only 600m. The wind blew often, sometimes strong, sometimes only as a light breeze.
But, as I said, it was only 93km, so I could do it anyway. Slower than usual, but also without bigger navigation problems, so I again arrived at noon.
On the road, a truck had overtaken me. The most stinky truck so far, worse even than the refuse collection. I knew it must be animals but then was surprised to see dogs. At first, I was not sure if they are dead. Later I saw them again, because the driver had stopped to besprinkle them. No dog barked or growled, many whined.

I am quite sure those were caught street dogs and they are not on the way to a restaurant, because they didn’t too healthy. But I am also sure they will not live in the next days.
I don’t want to make a difference between chicken, pigs or cows who are usually killed for our food and dogs or horses who “should”  not killed. If you decide to eat animals, killing is part of that game. The point is, how does this happen, what kind of life or “life” had those animals had before and is this sustainable and fair (it is not). And differentiate between eatable and non-eatable animals is not very logic.
Back or better: forward to Quy Nhon!
My first view was not promising: again many touristc projects under constructions and hotel towers on the horizon…

It is interesting how that works, but when I was in the city, I immediately liked the atmosphere more then in Nha Trang.

It seems to be a city that is still here for the locals, you see many cafés, markets, street-food and restaurants crowded by them. And for the first time in a bigger city, children smiled and said hello. Ok, I didn’t see many (Western) tourists, but still the inhabitants could be used to or even disgusted by those strangers.
At the hostel, I met Dimitri, a guy from Siberia staying in Vietnam a couple of months and even speaking some Vietnamese. He makes his living with online work and thinks about relocating to Vietnam.

Karaoke-bars, my new favorite (but also populated by locals as far as I could see)
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