159 to Tuy Hoa 2018-12-26

broken hopes for a bright touristic future…

Now, my standard time for leaving turned out to be 6a.m. The morning traffic is not fully developed at that time, the temperature is pleasant and when I arrive, the day is not over. So, it was early and it additionally was rainy and so I was surprised to see that the beach was not empty. There were even people swimming, but more were at the beach or in the area of the bars and cafés. And most of those were doing some morning sports. Alone or in groups and some groups with an animateur.
Outside of Nha Trang, sometimes it was a normal main road and only in the distance some hills to see. But often the street was near the sea. Sometimes that meant to climb hills and look down to the shore. So, you had varied views and often nice scenery.

At one higher hill near the coast, there were many hosepipes that sprayed the water into the abyss. Some truckdrivers here and there took one of the tubes and clean their vehicle, but that doesn’t seem to be the main purpose of those hoses. (It could be diverting the water from the hillside away from the street).

After that bigger hill, I saw some small quarries where people apparently worked with simple tools and much man-labour

Today, I had several encounters or contacts with motorcyclists. A woman drove behind me for 30min. In some way that had an impact on me, because I tried to go in an even tempo, but that was exhausting when the wind got strong (we remember: I go in the direction of the wind) or when it was going uphill or even both. Finally, she overtook me, but without looking or saying hello.
A man came from the opposite direction and wanted to clap a “high five”. In a way, this was funny, because he didn’t show any emotions, just held his hand to meet mine.
On the higher hill, a man pushed me upwards three times, when it was steeper. Then, he gesticulated that it later would only go down and he drove away.
And near the city, a man stopped to show me a way to another bridge, because the other one was broken.
When I arrived at the GPS-location for the homestay, I didn’t find it. And when I called the owner and we tried to find a way how to give me the directions, a woman on a motorcycle stopped and asked if I would look for Nha Minh homestay. She was a neighbour and she showed me the way.
At the check in, I got a shock, I had forgotten to take my passport from the hotel in Nha Trang, 125km and 8h of cycling away. But my host quickly found a solution with a friend coming from there in the evening to Tuy Hoa. And this friend would pick it up and bring it. I was relieved!
Then my host offered lunch and for the evening dinner. ?

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