158 in Nha Trang 25.12.18

tourists as for sure every local in the world likes: unspoilt by any doubts, free from cultural pressure

Yesterday, it had been a longer evening, because I was chatting with friends and talking with my sons and my mother and I thought, no problem, I can sleep longer.
…and so, I woke up at 4:30.
But still I thought, no problem, I can cut a video, then go for a swim, cut another video and so on, and when I am tired, I even can sleep, because it is a public holiday (in Europe at least).
So, I cut a video and went for a swim. When I came to the beach, it was not cold, but I didn’t feel the desire to undress. Still, I did, went into the surf and felt comfortable with the temperature of the water. According to google maps, I swam 1,5km and the dark clouds that were hanging over the scenery had made space for the sun and a blue sky. I had to walk back fast, because the sun was burning on the pale skin normally hidden under my bike shirt and trousers. In the hotel, I noticed that the room had been cleaned what surprised me after staying in so many rooms that apparently had not cleaned before check-in. But my empty water-bottle from Cambodia (with the writing “Angkor” on it) was away.
I cut a video and then went down to get some lunch. At the counter I asked if there is any chance to find the bottle, and there was. On the roof of the hotel, they have a big box full of empty bottles and near the surface was mine.
At the restaurant surrounded by dozens of hotels, I was surprised that the prices were like in other places. They even written on big advertisements with photos of the dishes and the names in Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian and English. After lunch, I made another round to find a Vietnam-specific food-souvenir for my Chinese and Taiwanese friends. I found only nuts etc, that they for sure also have but maybe with different taste. And then I continued, to get a mango and bananas. Here, I had seen prices for mango from 20000-25000 dong (~1€) but in the “second row”, after the hotels, I got a mango for 10000, maybe because it didn’t look so pretty, and the seller even pealed and cut it for me.
Last stop:
I was looking for a café to get hot chocolate or cacao. Normally in every village are 5 or 10 close to each other, here I had to walk for a while. It was apparently also meant for tourists but at least at noon I was the only customer.
But why a café, why hot chocolate?

Yesterday in my chocolate craving, I had found a Vietnamese chocolate for a reasonable price and apparently had not read carefully: it was 100% cacao beans & butter = bitter. I couldn’t eat it without anything else and even with something else it was hard. So, I thought I can melt it in a hot chocolate, add some more sugar and have a good drink. The drink was not bad, but I should have added less chocolate in that small cup (but it was only 1/5 of the bar!)
On my way, I saw a man with a handcart selling some fried and baked things. He was happy that I was interested in his things and that made me happy although it was not what I was looking for (deep fried bananas or those deep-fried balls with filling). He wanted 10000dong and I just didn’t know for how many of his bakery. He then dropped just one in my container and I was honestly surprised. And that startled him in return and he quickly added a second ball. I am not interested in bargaining with a poor man about how much I should get for 40cents, so I didn’t try to get a third one.
I went home, looking at all those hotel towers and noticed that maybe half of them are only under construction. I am no business man, but I am quite sure that these ~4km beach + some islands and maybe a few bars and some good restaurants will not be enough to attract so many tourists.
Back in my room, I combined small (!) pieces of that chocolate with everything I had, with nuts, dried fruits (yes, still some from Shiraz, dear Arash!!) bananas, mango. Nothing was satisfying but the chocolate is eaten.

my bottle in Angkor Wat pose

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