157 to Nha Trang 24.12.18

Yesterday, my hosts had invited me to dinner. They call it a hotel or maybe better would be homestay, because it is only one “hotel”-room surrounded by private rooms of the family and to be reached through their living room. But still it is exceptional that in the afternoon, he knocked on my door to bring me tea and, in the evening, his wife knocked to invite me for dinner and even asked me if I needed my clothes washed.
At dinner, Grandpa wanted me to drink some booze but it was too strong for me to do it just out of courtesy. Everyone had a bowl with rice, and with chopsticks grabbed something from the middle, except me, because whenever my rice seemed to be uncovered, someone put a piece meat or vegetables on it. They conversation was moderated by google translator and one of the last sentences translated to English was “We hope to meet you again!”….
Another supplement to yesterday:
Most of the time, there was little traffic, and only after a while I realized that it is Sunday.
Today, my ride nearly would have been a bit embarrassing, because I was about to leave the house in underpants. Ok, my bike-underpants don’t look too specific, but I was happy to notice it and quickly go back to my room, where my biking trousers were hanging in the wardrobe. Then I made a better start out in the light rain that later stopped. The first 30km were pleasant, the rain made it a bit cooler without making me totally wet and the wind had not started yet. I stopped for breakfast and to verify on “mapsme” what Mr.G showed: at km62 I should make a u-turn. While I was standing there, a woman on her motorcycle approached me. She said she saw me standing there and thought I could need help and additionally she had a bag with a cup of tea for me. This was as nice as it was surprising ?.
After that stop, the wind started blowing. But at that km62, I should leave the main road (said Mr.G) and on the small and hill lane, the wind was only sometimes a problem, mostly it was the quality of the street. This was one of those cases when I am not sure if I should be grateful for that proposal of Mr.G, because I came through small villages, had less traffic & noise and sometimes nice landscape around or be angry because I had a bad road and could go much slower (so, it took me longer than the main-road even if it was 2-3km shorter).

I came back to the main road, but only for a short while.
And here, I saw my third accident in Vietnam (the 1st and 2nd, I didn’t see, I came later, seeing the lying motorcycles and in one case the ambulance taking an injured man in their car.) Today, a bus made a u-turn and pushed down a man on his motorcycle. There was a crash, but the bus driver didn’t stop, and the motorcycle was under the bus and the man crawling tried to escape the wheels of the bus. I shouted “Stop!” but I was probably too far away to be heard and no one else shouted. But finally, the bus stopped, and the man could escape. I don’t know how they dealt with the situation, but a few minutes later, the bus drove away, and the man and his motorcycle were standing  in a crowd.
What should I say…
I still have this situation in front of my (inner) eyes and still can’t understand why this happened, why the bus hit the man and why he stopped so late.
I also went on.
And soon after that, Mr.G had another big surprise for me.
It started with a bad road and that became even worse. A look on the map showed that the road was much shorter, but I was not sure if it would end or really go to Nha Trang. Then I saw some motorcycles coming from the other side and a truck going in my direction and went on. And the road became worse. Sometimes it was only mud, sometimes the mud was interrupted by puddles, partly wide as the road with so I had to go through. The complete distance was 10km and most of the time I could not go faster then 8-10km.

Besides that, it was going up. But it cannot go up to infinity, so I reached a point with view to Nha Trang and was surprised seeing many skyscrapers and the sea while a stuck in the mud on my way there.
The bad road had started 17km before the city and only the last few kilometres were again a normal road. The city has a back part for the inhabitants with all I knew from other places (markets, shops, street-food) and near the beach those skyscrapers, which are hotels, many, many hotels. And shops for tourist. And tourists. Then a big crowded street nearly impossible to cross, then the restaurants, bars etc for the tourists and finally the beach. All in all, not very inviting.

Well, I want to go to the beach for a swim tomorrow and use the day for catching up with my “digital work” and maybe enjoy some food. And then go on north!

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