156 to Ngọc Tĩnh 23.12.18

For summing up the day I would use two 4-letter-words:
sand and wind (and regarding the wind I would find other 4-letter-words, too!)

first, I had to cross this brdge

But the start was in the sleeping Xmas-village of Phan Thiet. I had been walking there in the evening and in that crowd was no “Western” foreigner, but now I came to another part nearer to the beach and there you could see tourist and facilities for tourists. Russian speaking people seem to be an important group of customers.

The street went to the hillside and after a while, I saw many busses, cars and, of course, tourists, I had arrived at the red dunes of Mui Ne. Only 100m farer, you could see the same dunes in a non-touristic outfit.

Today, I often reached hills between 50-150m and went down to the sea again. This was clearly more exhausting than going in flat areas, but so I alternatingly saw beautiful landscapes and beaches.

What else?
I saw cemeteries on hills with beautiful view and goats doing the maintenance.

And I saw graves from where the inhabitants apparently had relocated. Looking for a place to eat, I used an empty grave as seat and table, but I must admit that I did not only feel good. As if I would disturb the rest in peace of someone or would be disrespectful. But there was no one and the grave was rather destroyed.

And I saw that it is 1453km to Hanoi.

I had calculated  the route before and I should be able to reach Hanoi until 10th of January, but still it is much lying ahead of me.
And then came the wind! It was strong and sometimes stormy. And of course, it came from the north. Later, my host explained to me that this is the windy season and it will stay like that until Hanoi and that I go in the wrong direction. Thank you, I knew that before!
3 groups of racing cyclists overtook me and I only could go with them a few hundred meters, then they were too fast and my air drag because of the bags to big to stay in their slipstream.
From my notes, I can bring only one word:
Plastic bags.
If people would reduce at least the absolutely unnecessary ones, it would be maybe 30-50% less!
the Vietnamese man who had invited me for a drink (Day 154) wanted to give me water, too. (I didn’t even see when he ordered it.) And the waiter brought two bottles, each in an own bag. I don’t need a bag to store a water bottles in my bags.
I bought some small cakes/donats at a booth and managed to get them directly into my container. Then, I wanted to buy something else to taste it at the spot. I said it, I showed it, but the owner put that thing in the bag for the distance between his and my hands. I took it out and ate it. (At least, he used it to prepare something for other customers)
I wanted to buy a sugar cane drink. Normally, I prepare my container and then go to the seller with it. In this case, to seller prepared it in a plastic cup although I shouted and gestured “wait!” and “stop!”. Even when you sit down to eat/drink something there and therefor there is nothing to carry, you can get your things in a plastic bag.

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