155 to Phan Thiet 22.12.18

I meet the sea again and stay neat for 1300km

What was written in „notes“ on my phone today?
>>Bus undertaker horn purse belly<<
That’s what I memorized during my ride and in a break wrote down. If the road has two lanes, cars, trucks and busses go on the left one and motorcycles on the right one or on the hard shoulder but there are also cyclists and slower motorcycles and those who go in the opposite direction. If someone from the left lane wants to overtake, and these are mostly the busses that drive in highest speed, he goes to the right lane to overtake – or “undertake”. That’s why I call him undertaker in the slight double meaning that he is dangerous. Not only the busses, also the trucks have horns that are good enough for ocean liners and they make a drama for every bike as if only their din could scare them off the way – if they are. I think the effect of this exaggeration is that the others become hardened and thus the horns get louder and so on.
Purse: something I want to note since day 150… So far, I never saw so many purses to sell at the street like in Vietnam. Everyone should have ten at home, I guess.
Belly: when in 2015 I was in China, I saw many men, rolling up their t-shirts to cool down (or tp present a warning example of the harms a wrong diet can have on you?). And after a while, I noticed that this habit exists here, too. As I said before, you can get used to something so fast that it is no longer special. I don’t think that this practise is more useful in China and Vietnam than in Cambodia or Thailand or that the belly fat is more beautiful here or needs more sun exposure, it is like culture, tradition or religion arbitrary and random which and what influences you. This is all interesting, fascinating or funny if nobody thinks his is the only right way and fights for it. From belly fat to fanatism – for me a small step!
On the ride, I saw more crips and churches (and churches with vast crips) and often hesitated if this or that one is worth another photo-stop.

Regarding bonsais, I made another try to get a better picture, it is better but again only second best, because I was reluctant at the first opportunity. There, you could also see giant bonsais which for me so far was a contradiction.

as I said, not the best representation of a bonsai shop but spiced up by a Xmas tree

My fascination for cemetery-culture still exists, I only was too lazy to stop for a photo for a while. Here, it seems that they put the coffin on the grave instead of in it. Maybe a misunderstanding because of bad translation?

Today, I disobeyed Mr.G another time. Why should I cross a busy road two times to get one a bad road and without saving any meter of distance?

Sometimes, if I don’t have to cross the street and the proposed alternative is no dirt road I do it, just to have no stress with Mr.G. (He makes beeb all the time and tries to send me back on the right path) and less stress of the noise of the big road.
I saw my first dragon fruit farms on this trip and gave them another try, directly from a farmer and even with red flesh. It was better than the last one but still no must-have. Or do I glamorise those fruits from Marc’s farm in Taiwan I tasted 2015? In March, I know!

they seem to be lightened at night! Or only during hand pollination? (The blossoms only open at night)

Last pic from the road:

“BIO” as a trade mark? For a pharma-chemical company?? The slogan “niềm tin trọn vẹn” translated by google means complete trust of faith. I fail.

For Xmas-phobics it is no good idea to go to Phan Thiết, a town in Xmas-delirium

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