154 to Long Khanh 21.12.18

do you think I should use both legs for cycling?

The today`s tour was only 83km (tomorrow will be 120, but I couldn’t find a place to stay in the middle), so I had more time in the morning and wanted to make a “I pack my bike” video. Later, I saw that  the light situation was too bad, but let’s take this as artistic. And after packing, I wanted to “leave”  but the hotel manager took that seriously and shouted and wanted to ran after me with the camera ?
Today, I came through an apparently in a way Christian area, many churches (some with symbols I don’t know, so maybe some advanced Christianity), many nativity ensembles from big to too big, also in front of normal shops and holy statues again from big to too big (I saw a Jesus 4 or 5 meters high, maybe not for private use or just advertisement for the smaller one (still 2-3m). To compensate, you also could see those animal statues that I know from Thailand but upgraded by dinosaurs. I wonder in which Genesis tale they found their place!

Since entering Vietnam, I wanted to write about (and take a picture of) Bonsais! The first shop was an eye catcher for me: the shop meets the interest in beauty and left and right from it, you could see ugly piles of stinky waste just put on the side of the street. Yes, you can say that maybe most of the bonsai-buyers don’t throw their waste on the street and many of those who do this have no Bonsais at home. But still…

Other notes I made:
In Vietnam you can see some electric bikes. But of that sort where you – theoretically – can support the motor by pedalling (and nobody does) and not of that sort where the motor supports your pedalling.
Then: it is one of those things you can get used too fast to notice, but there are so many men in “security-uniform” sitting in front of offices, hotels and also some shops. I saw some in the neighbouring countries, too, but here are for sure many more.
And especially today, I saw many, mainly old or very old people selling raffle tickets.
Also for a while, I wanted to write about this massive, richly decorated wooden furniture you can buy in some places. Most of them have the appearance of thrones for obese kings of an undiscovered aboriginal empire. (I hope I will find a good example soon and take a picture!)
And finally, I decided to take a note (on my phone to write later) about bricks. In Cambodia, I had seen bricks lovingly piled up to head height and some of them waiting there apparently for years to get in use. Here in Vietnam, the piles are  less beautiful in average than. When I wanted to take a photo, I only saw bricks in front of shops for building material. Those bricks are used always in pairs, because the are so small. But why pairs if small ones instead of double-sized ones that still would be smaller than those used in Austria or so.
Without those notes, I for sure would again forget to write that in a post and on the next day again I would remember on my way…
Two things were special on this day:
For the first time since long, I had to go up to 220m over sea level and all in all it was 600m elevation. This is still not much, compared to Armenia, but it was enough to show me that riding in the plains is a bit different from riding in the mountains ?

And a man started talking to me during the ride and invited me to a CàPhê. When he or I didn’t understand, he wanted to write it down in his old-style notebook and indeed that helped. The owner of the Café also came to the table sometimes and gave me a tissue with his logo.

even when I know that this sign is a symbol for luck e.g. in Hinduism it hurts in my eyes and shocks me…
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