123 in/on Penang 20.11.18

Let’s say this day was framed or structured or dominated by food?
We, that was Yuhsuan, her mother and me, started with a tour to the tanjung bungah “wet” market, where you also had a food court. Yu Hsuan made a round with me, showing and describing what you could get there, and in the end, I had a big collection of different foods, one better than the other.

It was: veggie pao, corn pao, char koey teow (noodles), green bean paste cake (green beans but yellow), sweet fried bread. Eating up everything was still no problem! ?
We went to the fruits market and bought some local Nangka and Longan, and another bunch of bananas.
We went on to the Penang hills, took the “tram” (a slanting cable car) and made a walk there. The view down of course was great!

…and Hsuan was infected by the working men sign virus and found small ones on a map.
Of course, there also were other nice signs.

it is so intense, I would suggest “no vomitting” (Dilarang muntah)

On top of the hill, there was a fancy restaurant with a special interpretation of Xmas regarding tine (it was mid of November) and decoration

Walking on, we came to a shop selling a special mixture of yellow beans and cracking somethings, Indian “murukku”.

And only a few meters away was a place with the next highlight, creations of ice cream, fruits and shelved ice. There were plastic advertisements looking very realistic and a sign telling “don’t touch!”

At the food court, my friends had seen that I don’t leave food (I even ate up there soup), so they wanted to show my what they had learned 🙂

We went back to the cable car and had to wait half an hour before we could go down.

Back in the city, Hsuan brought me to Armenian Street in the old town, especially to a place with graffiti, one of them showing children riding a bike that in fact was standing in front of that wall. We had seen many t-shirts with this motif in shops everywhere.

Now, you could see people making photos with that bike.

During a rainfall, we had some Taiwan wheel cakes

and a few meters from that place, we had rojak (fruits and cucumber with a salty/sweet sauce) and laksa (a soup with again special noodles).
Now, a riddle: Which animal is meant with this old school Chinese character?

We went through some streets with similar “interactive” graffitis

and shops that are typical for a touristic area and then Hsuan fetched her father.
Now he was the driver to go to Batu Maung to have dinner at the famous Hai Boey restaurant. The are specialized in seafood but we got very soft Tofu and some vegetables, too.

On dish after the other came and build up

… and in the end, again all plates were finished! Then we saw relatives of that poor guy we had eaten. I am no Vegetarian, only at home I avoid buying meat, but on the trip I decided to eat what the locals eat and take a Vegetarian alternative it is at hand.

Hsuan would have to get up early to leave at 5:45 for her job and I wanted to keep my diary so, we made the evening a bit shorter. I could not do too much, I fell asleep during typing and gave up.
Back to the riddle:

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