097 to Dubai 25.10.2018

The night was hard enough because of the seats but additionally, there were 2-3 guys talking sometimes very loudly. First, I thought the tried to make conversation over several rows, but they were direct neighbours.

When I was in a struggle between exhaustion and curiosity about land in sight an officer approached me bringing the SPOT device. I wonder why he knew it was mine and what was the reason to take it off from the railing.
I got up to see what is going on outside and saw Daniel, Harry and the full moon.

After departure, Harry had told me that the ship had not reached full speed, you could see it by the “Heckse” that would turn white. Heckse is a German technical term for the foaming water at the “Heck” (Rear/back/stern) of a ship.

Now, I asked him if he is satisfied with the Heckse and Daniel misheard it and thought I was saying “Hexe” (Witch) and meaning Elisabeth, Harry’s wife…
I waited for sunrise but the haze and clouds didn’t allow a good one.

After a time, there were more and more ships to see, I interpreted that for soon arrival but it took until 11.

Near the port,

I turned on my phone and for 1-2min I had internet connection and could send a whatsapp to Elaine, then it was over, Irancell didn’t allow more, goodbye Irancell.
One hour after arrival, around 12, we could go off the ship.

before leaving the ferry: Daniel, Tomasz, Elisabeth, Harry, Martin

Harry and Elisabeth in their Landrover and Daniel and I should follow a police car to the office, I think this was a nice picture of a special convoy. There, inside we had to put the bikes on the side and go to passport control. First all women, then all men were checked, and all had to sit down again after that and continue waiting. Tomasz and I were the only ones who also had to undergo bodysearch and I guess my guardian angel in the ear is responsible for that. Then, we could go back to the bikes and send the bags through another x-ray. The officer regarded the bag with the tools as suspicious and I had to open it. There would have been enough things to care about but only a book-shaped bag of sweets was interesting for the officer and he wanted to open it, promising to close it again with tape. At 14h finally, Daniel, Tomasz and I said goodbye, Harry and Elisabeth had been ready even before us.
I was not totally ok with the route Mr.G suggested, but it was better than doing it on my own. After 25km I got the feeling that something is wrong: in my memory, I had mixed up 20min (according to Elaine that what a car needs without traffic) with 20km.

right to middle: traffic light (2-3min red), a building and the highest street lamp in the world

I had messaged Elaine that I would 1,5-2h but now I saw that it would be 38km, I would need much more time. When you know that you must go 40km it is easier than expecting 20 and then realizing it is double the way. And I was getting a bit weak, I only had had a small breakfast at 7 and some other bodily needs also became more and more perceptible.
After 38km, MrG stated that I had arrived at the given location in an industrial area and only then I realized that Elaine’s location on warmshowers that I had used for route-planning was not the same she had sent me to whatsapp. Now I was a bit desperate, because I didn’t want to say again that I am later than supposed, I was tired and exhausted, and I had difficulties to find my way without internet connection. I made an unnecessary detour and had to go back 2km but after 50km in total, I reached the place.
Elain’s son, Phil was at home and gave me a friendly welcome, I took a shower an felt much better when Elaine and Gray came back home.
I got delicious vegetarian (or was it even vegan?) food and then Gray offered me something that will keep me busy finding it locally grown somewhere: yellow Kiwi! There are some fruits that can remind me on Paradise if they are ripe and fresh and locally grown, green Kiwi can be good enough, but the yellow one is next level.
Elaine and Gray had to leave again for a gathering and I tried to write a bit but before 22:00 I fell asleep and slept stone-like until 6 in the morning.

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