095 still Lar, never Bandar Lengeh 23.10.2018

In the morning I prepared a route to several bookstores (I only had found one, Nader helped me from Mashad with more addresses), because I wanted to find something for Taha (and Matin?) to get into English and/or to buy some funny t-shirts for both or something else for the family. So, I explained that I later in the morning would like to go out, but Majid told me that Sedigheh would go with me by car if I need anything….
We found a compromise, Sedigheh had to go shopping anyway, (in a confectionary, she bought some nuts and so and only later i knew the reason – she made Raginak for me, another present!)

creative names for chocolate (Spanish? Portugese??)

and she would bring me to the bookstores and I would be allowed to pay.

the castle and the ruins by daylight

Four stores were more paper shops with some books and if English then for adults, the 5th was for kids but it had only schoolbooks for English, nothing for playfully learning and only the last shop had something in the right direction. I took a small selection and we went on to get Matin from pre-school. On the way, I found a message from Nazanin from the Iran Travelling Center: The departure from Bandar Lengeh is cancelled due to bad weather conditions. I could take the next ferry on Saturday (too late for my freighter from Dubai to Malaysia) or go to Bandar Abbas to reach the ferry from there to Sharjah (Near Dubai). This was the only option, so I asked Nazanin to organize a transfer between the two ports for me and my bike as I still was in Lar, depending on Majid to bring me to Bandar Lengeh this noon. When we were at home with Matin,

some sleep during the lessons, Matin fell asleep after schoop

everything was planned and partly organized. At 14:00 Majid arrived at home and I told him about the situation and he had a new plan:
He would bring me to Bandar Abbas directly tomorrow morning instead today to Bandar Lengeh. He called Nazanin and cancelled the transfer and we had lunch together,

still the last lunch, but I brought my packed bags back in the room to stay another night.
After lunch, I was tired, many things besides this endless ferry story bothered me (China Visa, the freighter from China to Sydney, organizing meeting with my Dubai hosts under the new conditions of arriving a day later and at 5 a.m. instead of 2 p.m., the cancellation of the freighter from Singapore to Dunkerque…) and I tried to clarify at least parts of that. I this respect, I could take good advantage of this unexpected additional Lar afternoon…

After an ice-cream we left for picnic in a park. Before that, it was a lot of driving for shopping that confused me about directions and location. In the end, we were at a park near home and ate roasted sheep meet with special Lar-yoghurt that is so thick that it comes near to crème cheese. This time, both parents talked to me about their Canadian dream and I was again a destroyer….

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