066 in Qom 25.9.2018

In the later morning Mohammad and I met for tea and then he went to town and so did I (by bike). I wanted to see the Bazar and life in the city. On the way there is a big religious area I had to go around.

The bazar was smaller and less crowded as that in Tabriz but had also nice architecture here and there.

I went back on different streets to see more of the city

old buildings are torn down, new raised up

but I am not the type fore so many extremely religious people, so I came back earlier.

…seing thos on the way, again a surprise – zomboid, need for speed and the like – here?

In later afternoon, Mohammad returned to Tehran and we took photos with his team. Nurses here are not called sisters but daughters which had confused me before Mohammad had explained to me, because I thought his daughters were in Tehran and now they should work in the clinic?

Mohammad left and now I am alone on top of his clinic, writing blog cutting photos and uploading. Tomorrow I make a small detour to Arak to pay a visit to Nader’s sister Fatemeh + Rasoul and Parastoo. By that I change my changes to Isfahan again. The original route had been to lonesome and steep, the second variant on the highway seemed quite comfortable and provided accommodation in appropriate daily distances. Via Arak it will be something in between, at least one time there seems to be a guest house on the way and that would be enough as for me a night in the tent is ok, only two or more without shower are not what I am looking for ?

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