026 to Gori 16.8.2018

The night near the statue was not the best (an so are the photos) but ok. In the morning I needed this “Do, what has to be done!” to get up, pack up etc, all those things that had to be done.

Today was dominated by strong wind and enough elevation to get exhausted. First was the hilliest part with some villages. And every village seemed to be specialized on one thing. For example, around one village you could buy clay pots every 100-200m. And at each of these places where countless pots and similar stuff from very small to huge (the biggest one was man’s height in diameter!). then you could buy honey, – tons, all in all, in glases up to ~5kg. And then bread. And in another village all kinds of tracery. Later I even saw a town (I think it was Gomi) where you found concrete bricks, but I was to lazy to make photos or video. (and the following photos are taken out from videos….)

not the nicest place for beehives

If I want to buy food I try to find one who seems to be even poorer than the others (having less products and showing them less impressing) and so I made a stop at a table with some fruits. I wanted 2 peaches, but the man gave me 3. I wanted one apple, he gave me two and so on. Then I offered him some coins and he took 2 Lara (~0,7€). I wanted to give him more money, but he was faster and gave me more plums….

When I was tired enough, mainly because of the wind, and consulted mapsme on fairphone to see how long the next detour of Komoot (to Gori) would be, a guy in a car asked if I would need help and showed me the way to Gori, pointing at the highway. I had enough of crazy drivers, wind, unnecessary ups and downs, bad roads and detours, so I decided to try it.

It looked like a highway, there where signs saying highway, but no signs saying “cars only” and that was my argument ?

Of course, I waited for police stopping me, and there were enough police, but nothing happened. And then there was something to so highwayish, people at the side selling fruits. I still had some, also mirabells from 3 different trees, tasting so different and all good and all typical for mirabells. So, I just said hello to the first three people. But the next one gave me a sign to stop. There were three man and a boy, who spoke English and translated. And they again gave me fruits, without a chance to pay. I went on and there was a 3km ascent ahead with a resting place on top. The wind was so strong that I couldn’t change to a lower gear, because then I either would have lost too much speed to keep the balance or the chain would block and in both cases most likely I would fall, because I couldn’t get out of the pedal clip. So I fought this, pushing with one leg and pulling with the other, all the way “stand up pedalling” and by that helping with the whole body. It took me more than 15min to get to the top and I was totally exhausted. On top was also a kind of supermarket and I would have bought ice-cream or anything else to reward me. But when I stopped a man came and started talking and congratulating and joking and then a friend of him gave me a Georgian delight with ham and cheese in it and they said good bye and good luck. (And I said madloba)
So, on this day, there were only few who wanted to kill me by car but so many helping and open-handed people!
Apropos drivers: Today I noticed that many cars were transported, but most of them horribly damaged. And as all of them were going to Tbilisi I got the picture of a kind of collection. The drivers swarm out, kill each other and ruin the cars and the next day their broken cars are collected and brought back home.

And as these are a big number that would at the same time explain why there are no signs or crosses or the like besides the roads reminding on human road kill like in the countries I before crossed, simply because there is not enough space….

In Gori I found a nice hostel, the owners gave me melon as a welcome, and when I started my digital work a new French guest, Olivier, came in and we talked for a while. That is one of those situations when you know you could talk for hours and find a lot of things in common, but we stopped it…


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