I plan to get the rout on “spotadventures”, hope it works well!
I am curious how it will be on the cargo ship section when the spot GPS signals will be the only way of “communicating” where I am πŸ™‚

but here is the plan:

21.7.2018 leaving Vienna to famous Kaisersdorf in famous Burgenland.
then Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, there meeting a friend!
ferry to Georgia, going on to Armenia and Iran, again meeting friends, in Iran even cycling with a friend for a week
Ferry to Dubai, departure to Malaysia by cargo ship.
Cycling from Malaysia to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, again visiting friends in many places!

not sure how to reach Sydney then
the route by cargo ship could be available again in Autumn. If not I will have to take a flight :(((

In Australia visiting my brother and doing a trip somewhere

Cargo ship to Singapore, some weeks left to go to Indonesia in a combination of ferry, trains and bike
and finally with another freighter from Singapore to Dunkerque (France) and cycling home in August 2019

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