the biggest change was back from Tandem to my normal bike and changing form E-bike to non-electric.
So it will be a more honest bike trip 😉

So the title also changed from “PcBcP”
(people connecting brothers connecting people – as those going with me would have helped me to go to my brother and visiting my brother would have connetcted me with people cycling with me)
to “planalto cycles” with planalto meaning the same like Ebenhöh.

Another change:
from the earliest plannings until last week I was looking forward to visit CS-friends in Moldavia, but on one hand it was not sure if they would be at home and on the other hand there is a friend, Athanas, stuck in Bulgaria and together we found a way how to meet and how my trip can go on from Burgas, Bulgaria.

Maybe changing “now”
on my way back I wanted to o by cargoship from Singapore to Piraeus and cycle home. But now a family meeting had been cancelled in I have some additional weeks left. So I will leave Singapore a month later and the freighter doesnt go to Piraeus. I had to choose between ports in Spain, France, and Germany. It will be France, Dunkerque, ~1400km from home.
So I will have more time left to visit friends in Indonesia.

Unpleasant change finally:
the freighter from Taiwan to Sydney had been cancelled, and the alternative options also became more and more complicated and eating up my precious Taiwan time.
So tomorrow i will look for a flight 🙁
and latest next week I will book it if no miracle happens…

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